Object 53


2036, Scotland

What follows is a log from a regional emergency response manager in 2036, during one of Scotland’s biggest storms that year.

Edited excerpts from M. Borough's personal log on February 27th, 2036:

: Morning! You're in a good mood, would you like to review area status?

- Yes

: We recorded above-average rain levels towards the east and forecasts predict a 25 percent chance of a severe storm. I'd recommend upgrading the county's emergency service readiness levels and preparing the rapid responders.

- Good idea, let's do that. Also, are Paul and Lou around? I know they're still doing repairs to hospital and drainage systems. Please warn them to be ready.

: Yes, they're in town, although Jian is taking a day off today. I’ll warn them both.

- That's fine.


- I don’t think it’s totally impossible to get a reservation, not if you’ve got the right agent.

: [Silent Message] Sorry to interrupt, but the probability of a severe storm has been upgraded to 75 percent. Shall we alert the rest?

- [SM] Yes. Call in Duncan.

- No thanks, I'm good.

: [SM] I can't reach him, but I've contacted his second and they're preparing. I'm also going to reschedule your meetings and reorder priorities for the next three days.

- [SM] That's fine, but if you can, I want to have at least a couple of hours tomorrow with my son.

: [SM] Shouldn't be a problem.

- Sorry I'm a bit distracted, we've just had a weather warning.

- No, not as bad as that storm in '28... at least, I hope not.


: We've got 38 reports of blackouts in St. Andrews and we've lost reliable network coverage in Newburgh. There's even more rainfall than expected. I'm dispatching emergency power drones to affected areas now.

- Give me a view on the area with all assets and bring on the backup emergency support cloud. Also, tell the emergency first responders that they should not self-deploy; I want this to be co-ordinated.

: Done. The support and surveillance cloud will be online in two minutes. Royal Victoria Hospital is within 20 minutes of critical waiting times. I'm dispatching medics from Murray Royal.

- No, they're already struggling there. Let them know our situation and we'll wait.

: Done. Civil Contingency are upgrading your role for the next eight hours to Incident Commander.

- OK. I want ideas from them on how we can counteract the storm surge down the Tay. What happens if they open the barriers?

: Contacting CC's regional amplified team... OK, they'll have an answer in two minutes. Also, we've had a request for paramedic drone assistance from Arbroath.

- What can we spare?

: Maybe 35 out of 122.

- OK, do it, but I want half those back before the end of the day.

: No problem. I have your relief online, it's Lou. Shall I connect?

- Yes.

- Hey Lou, I'm sure my agent has filled you in. Here's what I'm worried about; wait times at Royal Victoria are dangerously high and I don't know if I trust the current crisis models. I want you to really push the CC team to figure this one out. Then there's the Tay situation. If the flood breaks past the barriers, we're looking at deaths; you need to do anything to prevent that.

.. pause ..

- Okay, I'll be online for the next 90 minutes, then I have to take a break. You handle the hospitals for now.

: You've got high stress levels. I think it's worth taking a couple of pills of Serenol. It won't slow you down too much, and if this goes on much longer we'll need you to be rested.

- Fine, fine. What about Alertness TMS?

: Bad idea. It doesn't mix well with Serenol. But maybe later.


- The cats nestle close to their kittens now. The lambs have laid down with the sheep. You're cozy and warm...

: [SM] Very sorry to interrupt again. We're all clear; CC has downgraded the threat and Glasgow is taking over.

- ...in your bed, my dear.

- [SM] Nice work.

- Good night, don't let the bed bugs bite!

: [SM] CC sends its regards.

- [SM] Likewise.

: [SM] Just a few important notes; you're now speaking at Arbroath on Thursday morning, so I've redrafted your talk given recent events. Also, I need you to review your tax returns.

- [SM] Okay, okay, I'll do it! Who am I speaking to tomorrow again?

: [SM] The school.

- [SM] Make sure you check whether any of the kids were affected from last night, I don't want to scare them too much.

: [SM] Already did. There are a couple who had a bad time, but they seem pretty brave.

- [SM] Of course you checked. Look, we really need to talk to CC about the infrastructure here. I know we've got depopulation, but they need to realise there are still people living here, and a lot of them are vulnerable.

: [SM] I'll draft a report.

- [SM] Thanks. OK, right, I'm ready to relax. Want to have a look at The Shanghai Six? They’re starting a new game tomorrow.

: [SM] That doesn't sound very relaxing to me... but certainly!