Object 66

Giving Nothing a Name

2043, Universe

A collection of media assembled by contemporary followers of an anonymous artist who started a naming project that later gained mass appeal:

The Bottle Green Third Nascent Confluence of the Adams River, a few paces to the south of the Theodore's Brave Statement Willow Tree

The Long Suggested Swallet of the West Stockwell Upper Unseen Field (a subtle mini-valley in the untended, sickly-green scrub)

The Minor Pattern of Wear from Ancient Human-Controlled Driving Patterns on the A34 beside the Forty-Second Tree Past the Former Burger King


There are 149 trillion square metres of land on Earth, all captured, rendered, and analysed as a unique object many times over, known to us as a string of numbers and glyphs.

Every patch of dirt at the base of a tree, every doorstep where lovers first met, every boulder and rock that has never been touched: we will give nothing and everything a name.



Geostationary satellite surveys, low Earth orbit overflights, high altitude surveillance drones, tethered aerostats, delivery copters, police intervention drones, paramedic jumpers, climbers.


Glasses, jewellery, clothing array cameras, sonar and lidar walking aids, positioning analysis, walking pattern analysis, biometric and neuro record analysis, dedicated cameras.



Within a local namespace, names can be categorised into those automatically and manually generated by humans and non-human agents. Sometimes these will refer to precisely the same physical area, but more often they will overlap. We can also distinguish names through the events and intersections they refer to. Non-human agents may generate human-readable names for 'disposable' uses such as meetings within an environment such as a public square or park. These names may be reused if they prove to be particularly apt or liked by other agents.


The Seventeenth Summer Tactile Rupture of the Organ-Music Sidewalk (aka 'Seventeeth Summer'), where the sidewalk had been poorly repaired during the summer of 2022

The Sean Thomas Darker Threshold Periphery of the South Marine Lake Observation Point


… and the endless, futile, pointless pursuit of naming every atom on the land, on the sea, why not in the air and in orbit, and the Moon, and the asteroids, and Mars, and all the other places? Why?


The Medium-Sized Boulder upon which Niels Delahaye's Deepsight Gaze lingered for a second while flying to see his wife for the second-to-last time

The Column that could have Helped Hold up a Minor Government Office Building in Austin but was discovered to have cracks and is now abandoned in the Desert

The Dangerously Unstable and Broken Steps Leading to the Derelict Lighthouse frequently tripped over and cursed by owner Matt Haughey

The paving tile where Bartosz and Amelia's hands first accidentally touched after their third date, on the walk to the train, and led to a kiss


Why not?